We are not simply deploying beacons to send out messages. We are creating a whole new level of experiences for consumers. It is proven that targeted promotions via proximity leads to the best and fastest conversion rates. Proximity marketing brings highly relevant and personalised context to the consumer experience by pushing bespoke notifications to the individual at the right time and place. Brand new offers can be created on the spot by retailers to reach users who are in the area if they had expressed genuine interest. Upon entering within proximity of a brick and mortar store or even as they preview connected online stores, consumers are provided relevant information preset to their preferences. Notifications can also alert users who have set reminders during an online preview of a product. This heralds a new way of living - the seamless triangulation of online, offline and proximity correlation between the two.



Unlike GPS, which retains a very weak signal indoors if at all, the accuracy and reliability of IPS via Bluetooth beacon technology is astounding. The precision of IPS is derived by the use of beacons mounted in an indoor space. IPS can be successfully used to provide navigational aid as well as a means to supply just-in-time information via audio and video for tours, offer augmented reality experiences and locate one individual to another depending on their custom requirements. The ability of IPS to indicate directional details to the micro location (via in-built gyroscope in our mobile devices), ensures people can be where they are needed, when they are needed. Medical and emergency responders are prime examples where IPS can be of substantial benefit. Beacons indicating a person or object’s location, can accurately predict reliable pathways, and remains directionally accurate as the device is in motion.



Wayfinding is made mobile friendly and compatible across all mobile platforms. Navigation can be provided without relying on any Internet connection and indoor navigation options are available using Bluetooth based positioning. Instant distance indications, shortest path calculations, and turn-by-turn navigation directions for any location without relying on 3rd party modules or services, accessibility mode provides navigation directions for users with accessibility needs. Customisable base map layer allows the creation of unique looking maps based on preferred styling or existing paper-based map designs. Built-in tour navigation mode with visual display of tour stops, pathways and turn-by-turn directions for each stop. Built-in search allowing easy, dynamic filtering and quick location of items, places of interest, facilities and real time distance indications and navigation directions. Visual “What’s Around Me “ 360 degree scanner for easy discovery of items at a current user locations. Visual cloud based map data layer management tools allowing for real time updates of all the map data layers including labels, markers, pathways and routing. Augmented Reality navigation supported with turn by turn guidance.



Big data analytics is no longer just a buzzword as it adds immense value to every aspect of our lives. It has the ability to analyse virtually anything given enough data patterns, so we can do a multitude of things to enhance and improve on business strategies or optimise performances. Analytics can also progress innovation successfully, relating what is needed, with what works. It can potentially improve on healthcare, science and research, which in turn could benefit the human race and save lives. By leveraging on beacon technology, live and dynamic analytics can be easily captured and the most effective solutions churned out for the end user based on their requirements. From understanding customer needs and habits, retail innovators can work on targeting consumers successfully. Analytics offers insights that can predict and prevent as needed.



The evolution of the “APP” has rapidly escalated into every part of modern living. At Cypress, we develop agile software and apps as winning strategies for our clients. We create functional, responsive apps that are user-centric, without neglecting the key value, which is to understanding your business needs. While maintaining stunning highly-visual quality of the app interface, we do not forget the backend requirements as your data migration is done both seamlessly and securely. Brilliant app development, created with your users and your employees in mind.

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